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  1. Officer Barbrady

    Officer Barbrady unserVfL.de User

    Hello all,

    First off, I cannot read or write German, so hopefully that will not be an issue.

    Since ESPN shows all the games over here, I wanted a Bundesliga team to follow. Happened to tune in for Bochum's 2-0 win against Koln, liked how we played, our kits, etc and have been a fan since. Still reading up and learning about the history so bare with me haha.

    Am a truancy officer(Essentially my job is to make sure kids go to school), love photography, and looking to get involved.

    Thanks all.
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  2. Herr Bert

    Herr Bert Administrator

    Hello Officer.;zwincker;

    Welcome here with us. With VfL you have chosen a real traditional club. A good choice, but communication should be a bit difficult. Nevertheless we will try to answer your questions and to help you. A few users speak almost perfect English, some of them from visiting the United States. So have fun and don't be afraid to ask.
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  3. MarWiBo

    MarWiBo Moderator

    Wieso sollte die Kommunikation schwierig sein ? In Zeiten von Übersetzungsprogrammen im Internet, wird man Englisch doch einigermaßen verstehen. Und der Eine oder die Andere wird möglicherweise der englischen Sprache ohnehin mächtig sein.

    In diesem Sinne:

    A very warm welcome, Office. Don't hesitate to ask me or any other mod or admin for help, whenever needed.
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  4. Charly Böttcher

    Charly Böttcher Fanclub-Mitglied

    Welcome to the best city - deep from the west.
    The Bundesliga city with the most beautiful stadium, the loudest fans and the team with the fighterhearts.
    Glück Auf! :fussball10:
  5. OKM

    OKM Moderator

    A very big :
    …I am since 60 years fan of our VfL….
    ..and since more than 30 years fan of the Green Bay Packers.:)

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